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Ad your site to A Directory of 360o panoramas. NEWS - now also photograpers listing links to VR Panorama sites with a content of general interrest.

This can be tourist sites, museums, or any panorama page within a photographers site which showcases panoramas of a general interrest. I prefer that the sites have some text added to the panoramas with geographic location and info about the subject.

Panoramas can be both Java applets or QuickTime movies

WORLDWIDE VR DIRECTORY > submit site is hosted by: VRWAY
Submit your site to the directory

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Listings are currently not updated.

I am not updating the current directory.
It needs a completelly new interface as my stats has shown me that the current pages has to little traffic.

I hope soon to launch new pages built in a different way.

You can submit your site for it but do not expect getting an answer as I can not get time to reply everyone.

All links are collected for the new pages.

Panorama sites Criterias for Links.

Websites or pages with VR panoramas of a general interest. Nature, landscapes, cityscapes, museums, art galleries or other cultural places. Panoramas from events, festivals etc.

Commercial sites like hotels/appartements with virtual tours can now be listed as a Travel/Tourist link.

If possible I link directly to the panorama pages which are part of VR photographers or VR producers websites. The reason for this is that the directory is geographically ordered and many photograpers often have panoramas on different pages from different places sometimes different continents. I always check that the page has a link to the frontpage or information about the owner of the panoramas. If not, an extra link to the owner wil be provided.

Submit VR panorama site/page.

If you have a site or page with panoramas which fit into the above Criterias mail me your link.

Info needed:

  • Country/Area/State or Category where you want the link to be placed.
  • Title of your site/page (for best SEO use your title)
  • Site/page URL
VR Photographers - NEW listing

However there is now also an additional possibillity. I now also link to VR Photographers frontpage. These links will be placed under the headline VR Photographers and the only criteria is that you are providing a professional service as a VR Photographer.
Submit VR Photographer site/page. If you are a photographer /company providing VR Photography mail me your link. Info needed:

  • Country/Area/State where you want the link to be placed.
  • Photographer name +/or company name
  • Site/page URL
  • Email: If you want your email published remember that they are easy harvested by spammers and virus producers.
Travel/Tourist sites linkexchange
I offer now also Travel and Tourist sites a link in exchange for a link back to Submite Travel link

Link to -

You may use one of the below GIF's