Apple iPod
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Apple iPod integrated in a smart car from DaimlerChrysler

panoramasdk presents the i-move in Full ScreenQTVR in association with smart France and Denis Gliksman Photography
With music from Masaladosa specially for the Apple iPod + Smart i-move.

Turn on your sound and enjoy the music.

The music playing when you open movie is Tune 1 - JunglyBab. You can choose another tune by clicking on Tune 2 at the i-Pod. Hotspots are available only after the full movie has downloaded

FULLSCREENQTVR > Smart i-move is hosted by: VRWAY

Production Palo Alto / Eric Lemoine copyright ©2003-2004 Denis Gliksman

See the smart i-move at Apple Expo in Paris September 16-20 2003

the smart car from DaimlerChrysler
Apple iPod is from

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