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Panorama to Video

Interactive VR panoramas are made to be used interactivly by the viewer but in some cases it may be relevant to produce videos from panoramas.

This page will give you the options available for doing this.

Photo to Movie

Photo to Movie is one of the easiest ways to create videos from QTVR panoramas. Unfortunately only the Mac version supports QTVR and only the older versions. You can download the older versions from the download page.

Choose Photo to Movie 4.2.7 (Mac OS)
Requires Mac OS 10.4.9 or later.

Version 3.2.3 to 4.2.7 works on Snow Leopard.

The interface is very easy to use and you can set zoom and panning very precise.

Video example. Quicktime movie 46mb compressed as H264 medium
This is a 1280x720 pixels 1 minute video creted from a high resolution QTVR with 3000x3000 cubefaces.
The original video is in HD quality 1920x1080 pixels and saved as medium jpg quality from PhototoMovie.

Another Video with 5 panoramas.


is a Mac and Windows application which can create and export panoramas as a sequence of images.or directly to QuickTime video file.

View video tutorials and examples at

ADOBE After Effects

Videos can be made directly from Equirectangular panoramas using the plugin from Trapcode Horizon

The Youtube video tutorial to the right is in Portuguese. 

Screen video capture software

With a fast computer it is possible to record the screen while panning the panorama however the quality is usually not very good.

Even with my iMac 27" i7 the panning is jerky using the best video capture software I know for Mac.

If you need a small video showing the interface of a Flash Virtual Tour this may however be the only option and for Mac I can recommend iShowU

I have seen pretty good examples made on Windows with Camtasia

Auto Tours made with Flash Panoramas

With both KRpano and FPP flash Panoramas you can create automatic running tours which can contain all the different options available in the viewers like audio, popups or videos.

The tours need a fast processor to run smooth. With a fast computer they can be used as automatic shows on a large LCD TV at exhibitions.

This is an online AutoTour in KRPano

This is a Demo made in FPP using the MovieBox Plugin from Tommy Wirestam as controller.With this plugin you can syncronize a video with narration or music to the panoramas.

To run properly the Framerate has to be minimum 28 during movements and a fast connection is needed for this online demo to work.

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