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Stitchers for panoramic images are available in all prices from free open source software to high end professional.

Trial versions are available from all of them and most of the vendors have a forum where you can get help from other users or from the company support.

There are also several general discussion groups where you can get information.

Quicktime VR List

Panotools list

IVRPA open Forum

Panoguide Forum

When you made your first panoramas join the WWP event which take place 4 times a year

General Links


IVRPA International VR Photography Association

IAPP International Association of Panoramic Photographers


Stitchers Reviews and Tutorials

PTGui is based on panoramatools but does not ned panotools to run anymore.

It can be used for all kinds of panoramas. Cylindric or spherical, 360 degree or less.

It can be used both as a fully automatic and a very sofisticated manual stitcher.

PTGui has built in support for Fisheyes but if you want to use Panotools for warping and need 180 degree support you have to install Panotools with unlimited degree support.

Panotools also supports some new projections which may be interesting for printing. For example Mercator or Transverse Equirectangular

PTGui is available in a standard version and a Pro version which also supports a HDR function.

If you want support for panoramatools allso download:

Windows users:

1. Download Windows Panorama tools from PTGui panorama tools

2. Download Win unlimited Pano12.dll for fisheye support from Jim Watter's Follow the installation instruction on the site

Mac users:

Download OSX 10.4 panotools unlimited for fisheye support

Download OSX 10.3 panotools unlimited for fisheye support
place it in the same folder as PTGui

Panorama Tutorials by Rosauro

Panorama Tutorials by John Houghton

Panorama Tutorials by Karl Harrison

PanoTools-PTGui Tutorial in German and English

Using PTEditor to remove tripod

Blending with Smartblend, PTgui, Enblend and Photoshop CS3 Auto-Blending

Support Forum:

wiki with tutorials: Panotools Wiki

PTMac from PTMac is a robust front-end for creating panoramas using the powerful Panorama Tools library. PTMac supports all popular input images including normal (rectilinear), fisheye and scanning camera. Supported panorama types include spherical (cubic), cylindrical and flat (rectilinear). NOW also with automatic controlpoint generator.

Panoramatools+Lensfix Photoshop Plugins is also available as a 16 bit OSX plugin

PTBatch from Kekus is the only fully automatic compatible tool for Batch stitching.

by Brian Greenstone

Panorama Tutorials by Karl Harrison

Blending with Smartblend, PTgui, Enblend and Photoshop CS3 Auto-Blending

also read the tutorials at the Panotools Wiki

Calico Panorama from

Calico is a new automatic multi-row or single row stitcher

PTAssembler Max Lyons Tutorial and software for stitching composite images using Panoramatools
kolor AUTOPANO Pro - An 100% automatic stitching with automatic color correction.

kolor AUTOPANO Giga-

Hugin - Panorama Tools GUI
An easy to use cross-platform GUI for Panorama Tools.
With hugin you can assemble a mosiac of photographs into a complete immersive panorama, stitch any series of overlapping pictures and much more.
VR Toolbox VR Vorx
Stitcher, cylindric stitcher - also for object movies.

Now also stitches fullframe fisheye images.

Panoweaver from Easypano
New version 4.0 also for stitching 4-6 fisheye images from DSLR cameras.
PhotoVista Stitches both rectilinear images and Full Frame Fisheye images. Last version 3.0.
3DVista Stitcher

Stitch almost any kind of panorama: All popular lens types supported including standard, wide angle, FISHEYE and One-shot lenses.

Panorama Factory
Automatic stitcher for cylindric panoramas
Panavue stitches both cylindric and spherical panoramas.
Autopano by Alexandre Jenny
Free for non-commercial use only.

This is a free automatic controlpoint generator which can be used alone to stitch images or together with PTGui - PTassembler or Hugin

LM Stitch

A very cheap and simple stitcher especially if you want to stich just a few images

Canon Photostitch is a free simple cylindric stitcher which is included on the CD if you buy a Canon camera
ADD on tools for stitching

Helmuth Dersch free Panorama Tools is not a stitcher but it has become the most important tool for panorama creators. You can convert any images, fisheyes or rectilinear to stitchable projections which can be stitched in Photoshop by hand or by using one of the many frontends for Panoramatools like PTMac (Mac) or PTGui

It is also useful to correct images for distortions before stitching in any of the Stitchers below.
The original free Panotools are available both for Mac(OS9)and Windows.

The original Plugins are available for download here: Panorama Tools

Newer versions of the library pano12.dll (Windows) used for the Plugin are available for download here. They are also 16 bit and can be used for larger FOV than 160 degrees (Fisheyes)

For MAC OSX users a version of the Plugins is available from

Link to Helmuth Dersch original site (Panotools is not available for download here)

DeFish by Ken Turkowski. Another MAC tool for defishing fisheyes
Enblend Enblend is a tool for blending images in an intelligent way. Enblend does not line up the images for you. You can use it together with PTGui - PTMac - Hugin - or RealViz Stitcher (New version only)

Current version is 3.0

Download Enblend at

For Mac users also download at

Enblend Wiki

Smartblend is also a blending application, similar to Enblend and the PTGui Blender. But Smartblend is different in that it tries to place the seams such that they are least noticeable. This gives better results for panoramas suffering from parallax problems.

Photoshop CS3 - 4
Auto-Blending Layers
Blending with Smartblend, PTgui, Enblend and Photoshop CS3 Auto-Blending
PanoPreviewer Plug-in for Photoshop FREE

PanoPreviwer is a Photoshop plug-in for Mac OS X that allows you to almost instantly preview equirectangular images as VR panoramas.

Photomatix Pro Photomatix extends the dynamic range of digital photographs or scanned films.
A panoramic scene is almost always a high contrast scene -- you can't limit your view to only areas with the same brightness when shooting a 360° panorama. By taking views under several exposures and processing them in Photomatix, your panorama will show details in both the dark and bright areas of the scene.
HDRI for Photographers-review
DSLR Remote Pro...The professional's software solution for remotely controlling your Canon EOS digital SLR from a PC using a FireWire or USB cable. With auto bracketing functions for HDRI Automatically combine auto bracketed images to create a single HDR image or tone mapped image using Photomatix Pro

Jook Leungs free action to combine 2 images for more dynamic range.


Enfuse Wiki

the newest tool for contrast control using bracketed images for higher dynamic range,

Converters for Quicktime VR
Tools for making the QuickTime VR Movies. Note that most stitchers above also can create QTVR movies from the stitched images.

APPLE QuickTime Tools Freeware:
MakeCubic OSX and
MakePanorama 2
(cylindric movies only OS9 )
Tools to create the QTVR movie from stitched panoramas.
Click Here Design:
CubicConverter and CubicConnector
Very good tools for creating QTVR Cubic movies from stitched panoramas (also cylindric movies) and for adding Hotspots, Sound (also directional), Info, and Autorotation
Pano2QTVR for Windows
is a tool to convert Panoramic images into the Quicktime VR format.

A limited free version (for non-commerical use) and a Pro version with enhanced features (for commercial users) are available.

Pano2QTVR allows you to create cylindrical or cubic panoramas with hotspots and a preview track. You can extract the cubefaces for retouching before the final output.
Pano2VR for Windows Linux and Mac

Pano2VR , for Mac, Windows and Linux, is an application that converts panoramic images into the QuickTime VR or Adobe Flash 9 and 10 formats with features such as adding hotspots and auto-rotation and skins.

PanoCube Windows utility to convert equirectangular panoramic images to QuickTime Cubic movies. Also aditional hotspot creator in the Plus version
GoCubic download

Free very simple Windows tool to create cylindric and cubic QTVR movies from spherical and cylindric panoramic images.
You can only edit the compression,
use Photo-JPEG Low-Med for best result.
You can set parameters for pan tilt and initial FOV in the HTML tags, see Apple Embed Tags

Tools for creating Virtual Tours
Tourweaver Tourweaver 2.00 is a fast and easy virtual tour software to create professional virtual tour. With this virtual tour software, you may make 360 fullscreen virtual tours with interactive multiple maps,hotspot, radar, walkthrough, audio, video, dynamictext, etcdding sound,
3DVista virtual tour software probably includes any feature you are looking for... from stitchers to create panoramas, to virtual tour publishers and hosting systems, we have developed all you may need
JATC - Just Another TourCreator

JATC is a free tool to help you creating virtual tours from your panoramas

For PurePlayer plugin, and SPi-V

Tools for adding sound, autorotation, hotspots, sprites to QuickTime VR Movies
Quicktime PRO

for editing info, adding previews/fast start, adding sprites and creating media skins. Note Quicktime pro can not convert panoramic images to QTVR movies.

Ad autorotating, sound, also directional, hotspots with maps, edit info and ad High Quality for 16 bit none banding
Pano2QTVR for Windows
PanoCube Plus Windows utility to convert equirectangular panoramic images to QuickTime Cubic movies. Also ads sprites autorotation and hotspots in the Plus version
VR Toolbox VR Vorx Stitcher, cylindric stitcher and options for adding Hotspots works also for Cubic QTVR.
Note that Hotspots are restricted to 90 degre vertical.
VRtools MAC DeliVRator is a tool to analyze and simulate download from the Internet at any connection speed
• Optimize the ordering of tiles for best download.
• create and edit hotspots
• add wired sprite action; auto pan, show hotspots, cubic auto level
• generate HTML for embedding QTVR
• extract panoramic images
Totally Hip Software LiveStage for Windows and MAC
LiveStage Professional 4.0 is the most powerful authoring tool for creating interactive QuickTime movies on the market today.
VRHotwirers An application for adding wired actions to QTVR movies .Includes one-click tools to help create qtvrs with sound,animations,and transitions, also panoramic video. 
VRPrep is a free Apple script for adding High Quality for 16 bit, Save disable, Annotations, Logos, and Autorotation
Fullscreen QTVR
Cubic Navigator
a fullscreen browser for panoramas based on OPEN GL
Pleinpot is a tool to make a fullscreen panorama on a web page:
Converting QTVR to video
Photo to Movie Be aware of that the Windows version does NOT support movies.
QTVR Recorder
Other helpers and tools
Spincontrol:VR is a custom QuickTime movie which, when embedded in a Web page with a QTVR, can control the QTVR's pan, tilt and zoom (among other things). Basic version is FREE
Pageot is a tool to create embed/object tags for Quicktime movies
fovCalculator - A handy free OS X calculator for determining the approximate field of view of your lens and the number of images needed to make a panorama.
Online FOV Calculator

This FOV calculator by Frank van der Pol makes it easy to find the number of images needed with a particular lens.

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