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Iemanjá, Rio de Janeiro 2007


All the preparations to the big party are moving on at Rio. Because of a strong religious believe of brazilians, lots of them dress in white and at 18:00 hs go to the Copacabana beach to pray for Iemanjá, also know as Sea’s Queen. She’s a symbol of God’s Mother in the African culture that came to Brazil during the slavery times.

Berlin Marathon

VR Photo: Michael Stoß

Sept 30 2007

In Berlin Haile Gebrselassie from Ethiopia broke the world record when he won the Berlin Marathon.

40.000 people participated in the Marathon and more than a million people followed the runners on the rute trough Berlin.

US Protests at Apec meeting Sydney

VR Photo: Peter Murphy

Sept 8 2007

US Flag burning at protests at the APEC meeting in Sydney

Sziget Festival 2007
VR Photo: Sandor Boros

Aug 21 2007

The 15th Sziget festival in Budapest Hungary took place last week.

Like last year a team of Panorama photographers from US, France, Netherlands, and Hungary have documented the festival.

Visit for more than 70 panoramas from the festival

Minneapolis Bridge Collapse from air

VR Photo:

Edward S. Fink

Aug 3 2007

Wednesday Aug 1 a bridge over Mississippi River in Minneapolis collapsed.

The deathtoll according to todays reports is 5 and 8 missing while at least 60 are injured.

Ed Fink a specialist in aerial panoramas from Minneapolis took this panorama over the bridge the morning after the collapse.

Because of a temporary flight restriction over the bridge he could not get closer.

CNN report

Hongkong Queen's Pier Protests

VR Photo: Tommy Poung

July 31 2007

Activists are protesting in Hongkong against the destruction of the historic Queen's Pier

Read more at The Standard

Tyne Cot cemetery
VR Photo: Philip Giles

31st July 2007 is the 90th anniversary of the start of the Battle of Passchendaele (or Third Ypres)

The Battle of Passchendaele was one of the largest battles of the first World War , and became symbolic of the horrific nature of the WWI. The battle is commemorated at Tyne Cot Cemetery and Memorial (and the Menin Gate in Ypres), the largest cemetery for Commonwealth Forces in the world.

Germany lost approximately 270,000 soldiers, while the British Empire forces lost about 300,000, 

Recently the last known surviving British soldier from World War One, Harry Patch, 109 years old, visited the site where he fought 90 years ago.

Wikipedia Tyne Cot

Pan American Games 2007 Opening Ceremony of Pan American Games 2007


July 13 2007

The 2007 Pan American Games opened on Friday with a ceremony at the Maracana Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The games continues until July 29 and around 5,500 athletes from 42 countries participate in more than 40 sports, including all sports at the Summer Olympics.

Search Google for latest News on Pan 2007

Rostock G8 Demonstrations

3 panoramas

VR Photo: Michael Stoß

Saturday June 2, 2007

View Michael Stoß report from the G8 demonstrations in Rostock.

The demonstrations in Rostock ahead of the G8 meeting was supposed to be a peace full demonstration but it ended in one of the most violent demonstrations in many years.

The fighting continued until late afternoon. 430 police officers and 520 participants were injured, many of them seriously.

Election in Syria

VR Photo: Willy Kaemena

Friday June 1, 2007

In Damascus people are celebrating the
re-election of President Bashar Assad for 7 more years.

Trafalgar Square with Turf - second day

VR Photo © Will Pearson

Trafalgar Square Photoshop cleaned

VR Photo © Will Pearson

Trafalgar Square 11.14 second day

VR Photo © Keith Martin

May 25 2007

The Trafalgar Square in London was on the 24 and 25th of May covered with Turf.

Read more at BBC

Cannes Festival

VR Photo © Thierry Blondeau
Monday May 21

Brad Pittt and Angelina Jolie, at the red carpet in Cannes on Monday

They are promoting their new film, A Mighty Heart.

Brad and Angie: Why This Movie Means So Much to Us

May 1 in Aarhus Denmark

VR Photo © Hans Nyberg

First of May was celebrated at Tangkrogen in Aarhus where the Danish Socialist leader Helle Thorning-Schmidt was the main speaker.

Virginia Tech Victims remembering ceremony

VR Photo
© Alan Kim | The Roanoke Times

Alan Kim is a staff photographer with The Roanoke Times.

He was one of the first photographers in place at Virginia Tech at the School shootings on April 16.

His images from the event has gone all around the world.

Classes resumed at Virginia Tech on Monday April 23, one week after shootings left 32 students and professors dead.

A ceremony on the Drillfield included a ringing bell for every victim and a release of white balloons.

Air Race Rio de Janeiro

April 21

The Red Bulll Air Race at Botafogo Beach, or Guanabara Bay
gathered 1 million people on the beach

The arrangers call it "the biggest sport event in Brazilian history"

French Election

Vr Photo © Gilles Vidal

Socialist Ségolène Royal speaks in Toulouse April 19

Sunday April 22 French people will vote for the presidential elections 2007.
12 Candidates, and alone two will be retained for the second turn.
The favourites are the Socialist Ségolène Royal, the leader of the right center Francois Bayrou, and the right candidate Nicolas Sarkozy. Unless as in 2002 Jean-Marie Le Pen, leader of the extreme right-hand side, creates a surprise

Hollywood Hills burning

March 30

A fire haunted the Hollywood Hills where the famous Hollywood sign is on Friday

Two teen-age boys has admitted that they had started the fire.

VR Photo © Bryant Arnett

Demonstration in Toulouse against Airbus plans to cut 10.000 jobs

Friday Mars 16 2007

At the Airbus plants in France, Germany, Spain and the U.K. protests continued Friday against the company management's plan to cut 10,000 jobs and sell six plants in Europe

VR Photo Gilles Vidal

The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro has started. View the special Carnival page with Fullscreen VR by AYRTON

Element 21 at the 2007 PGA Golf Show in Orlando, Florida.
Photo© Elizabeth Gentile Evergreen Studios
February 5 2007

Today February 5, 36 years ago Apollo 14 landed on the moon. See the panoramas at my Apollo Missions page

It was during this moon landing that Alan Shepard performed his famous Moon Golf Shots.

Last year as an anniversary celebration to this , the Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin hit a golf ball into space from the orbiting International Space Station, 220 miles above the earth, using an e21 gold-plated 5 iron.

This PR stunt went around the world and was a large succses for the Delaware company Element 21

The girl in the panorama is E21 President/CEO Dr. Nataliya Hearn.

The PGA Merchandise Show is the world's largest golf industry trade exhibition

Street poet in Berkely CA
Photo © Patrick Cheatham CheathamLane
January 23 2007

Zach Houston is a young poet/artist who interacts with the public by going to them -- most recently at the Berkeley Bowl Marketplace in Berkeley, California.

With a sign "Poems About Anything" he asks passers-by to give him a subject about which he'll compose a poem, right on demand. While people are shopping, he types their poem on his portable typewriter, then delivers their poem to them as they leave the store. Many times they leave him a small donation.

Zach is currently also taking part in a show called 'Spaces in Conflict' at the brand new gallery "Samespace" in Oakland, California.

Gulf Cup Football

Opening match between Oman and UAE

Photo © Mahmood Rashid

More panoramas at Interactive Media, Dubai

The 18th Arabian Gulf Cup Football Tournament
ABU DHABI 17 - 30 January 2007, Zayed Sports Stadium, Abu Dhabi
The tournament was inaugurated by:
HH Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
President of the United Arab Emirates

Click to View fullscreen panorama

On 30th Jan 2007 the UAE won the final match against Oman by 1-0. Both teams played the opening match of the tournament and again faced each other in the Final.

The Human Zoo
Click to View fullscreen panorama
Photographer © Ben Nelson

January 17 2007

During january 2007 a group of humans are locked into a primate exhibit in Adelaide Zoo to be viewed by the public.

The concept is as the Human Zoo website says:

This project aims to
• Create awareness of the closeness of humans to their primate cousins
• Provide a platform for research on animal behaviour and enrichment
• Raise awareness for the conservation needs of primates in the wild
• Raise funds to build Australia's largest chimpanzee exhibit at Monarto Zoological Park in South Australia

This panorama was made on 14 January and the participant this week are group 2, Lisa, Zak, Lucas, Lee, Steven and Michele

Make a Donation to the Zoo

Click to View the Panoramas from my special MacWorld feature

January 10 2007

The MacWorld expo started Yesterday in San Francisco’s Moscone Center. The Macworld exhibit hall opens on Tuesday, January 9 at 11:00 a.m. and runs through Friday, January 12

Rockefeller Center, NYC - 74th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony

8:58 PM - November 29, 2006

The tree which has 30,000 colored lights, comes from Colorado and weighs 9 tons.

The event was hosted by NBC "Today" and many celebrities performed like Martina McBride, John Legend, Christina Aguilera, Bette Midler and Sting.


VR Photo Jook Leung

Protests in Cairo after sexual harassments in streets

November 18, 2006

Recently, Egyptian blogs, television and newspapers reported that groups of men had roamed the streets during a weekend and attacked young women — actually chased them down the street. Several witnesses and victims reported about what had happened

VR Photo Waleed Nassar

NY Times article

Halloween-Party the Barn
Halloween Party - Frankenstein

Nov 1 2006, VRPhoto © Ben Pape

Halloween as celebrated in US can be large parties arranged by whole cities as last weekend in Madison Wisconsin where 35,000 people gathered in the streets.

However there are many privately arranged parties like the Pape family party in Omaha. They have arranged this party since 1996. Everything has been arranged and built by Ben and his family.

Protests in Taiwan against President
VR Photo: Walker Young
September 9 2006

90.000 people protested in Taipei Saturday against their president who is accused for corruption.

Read at Washington Post

View the Fullscreen Panorama
Motorcycle Rally in Italy

On Sunday 9 July Italy' s biggest annual Motorcycle Rally drew about 20 thousand enthusiast from all over Europe.

The very special feature of this Rally is that it has been the very first in the world to allow motorcycles to enter inside the Sanctuary named Madonnina dei Centauri" ("Our Lady of Centaurs") situated in a small town in northern Italy named Castellazzo Bormida.

The Bishop of Alessandria performed the mass in the Sanctuary of MADONNINA DEI CENTAURI Castellazzo Bormida with blessing to the participants.

Official site of Moto Club MADONNINA DEI CENTAURI Internazionali.

FIFA World Cup 2006
Panoramas from cities around the world

Today's technological developments makes it possible to follow any event like the Football World Cup almost anywhere in the world not just at home on TV but together with other football enthusiasts.

Václav Havel
former Czech president until 2003 has published a new book which has been a big hit with Czech readers.

Today he signed it in a small book store in Prague.

June 25 Nicole Kidman Wedding

NICOLE KIDMAN got married today in Sydney to Country Singer Keith Urban. Peter Murphy was there along with thousands of fans who tried to get a glimpse of the couple or some of the famous guests.

June 23 Sankt Hans - Midsommer Bonfire

In Denmark St Hans is celebrated with bonfires in every village and along the coastline.

June 06 After Czech Election The election in the Czech Republic ended in chaos with no real winner.

This demonstration Tuesday is asking the prime minister to resign. Read More

June 2 Czech Election Communist Party Rally

VR Photo Jeffrey Martin PRAGUE360
Czech Election starts today. Panorama was made Thursday June 1 at a Communist meeting at the Muzeum in Praque Read More

Rolling Thunder rolls through WashingtonDC on Memorial Day VR Photo:Wayne Heil

May 28 ROLLING THUNDER®, INC. is an organisation who fights for the veteran's rights and the POW/MIA Meaning the Prisoners of War and those who are still Missing in Action.

It was started in 1987 by Vietnam Veteran Artie Muller and a couple of his friends who got the idea of organizing a Motorcycle Ride to Washington DC to demonstrate for the veterans and for freedom of all POW/MIAs

First ride was held in 1988 with 2500 motorcycles driving to Washington.

This year more than 100.000 motorcycles participated according to the NEWS site from the United States Department of Defense Read More

May 28 Lincoln Memorial at Memorial Day
VR Photo:Wayne Heil

Monday was Memorial day in United States and thousands of people visited the Lincoln Memorial

May 28 VR Photo
Robert C. Fisher

King Taco 200 Nascar Stock Car Race California

Peyton Sellers drives car 16 for Bill McAnally Racing. After leading the pack for laps 17 through 65 he was involved in an accident during lap 145 which put him out of the race. Read More

May 27 Fleet Week 2006 in New York
VR Photo © Jook Leung

Sailors and Marines aboard the USS Kearsarge man the rails as the Kearsarge passes lower Manhattan en route to Pier 90 for Fleet Week 2006.
The USS Kearsarge is a 844 foot long, 40,500 ton WASP class multipurpose amphibious assault ship.
Launched in 1992, she supports a Marine landing force of more than 2,000 troops. Read More

May 23 New Orleans 9 months after Katrina

VR Photo by Alfonso Bresciani

9 months after Katrina the levees which protects these areas from being flooded has still not been fixed. The hurricane season is now approaching again... Read More

May 22 International Museum Day in Moscow

VR Photo by Andrey Ilyin

The International Museum Day is held on 18 May. This day many museums and historic-museum sites are open free-of-charge till late at night.

The panorama was made at the Historical Museum in Moscow.

May20 Apple Store - New York -The Cube

VR Photo Jook Leung

Jook Leung was at the opening of the new Apple Store in New York in The General Motors Building (767 Fifth Ave.),

More panos at Jooks site

May20 Romanian Parliament meeting
VR Photo Stefan Micsik

The Romanian Parliament Palace is said to be the second largest building in the world after the Pentagon

May 20
Moscow People - Marchenko-Squaw and Jazz

VR Photo by Andrey Ilyin

The next in Andrey's series of Moscow portraits

May 11, Moscow People - Oleg Buryan
VR Photo by Andrey Ilyin
Andrey Ilyin, VR Photographer in Moscow has started a project which he calls "NEW Moscow Ethnography- interesting people in their environments."

First is the artist Oleg Buryan, Read about him
Be sure to return and see more

May 1.
Last week a new law was introduced in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The law reserves special subway carriages for women during the rush hours in the crowded Metro in Rio. The law was passed to give women rights to avoid sexual harassments from male passengers.
April 24

CPE PROTESTS IN FRANCE Since March 7 millions of people across France have protested against the new job laws, CPE. This panorama was made April 4 when the largest protests took place all over France
VR Photo Guillaume Dupuy
View more panoramas by Guillaume Dupuy from the protests in Paris.

Airbus 380 delivered to Singapore Airlines pano 1

Airbus 380 delivered to Singapore Airlines pano 2

VR Photo: Gilles Vidal

Oct 15, 2007
The first Airbus 380 was delivered today

Fell Point Festival in Baltimore

VR Photo:Andras Freyno

Baltimore Oct 7, 2007

41st Annual Fells Point Fun Festival 

Jazz festival in Damascus Syria

VR Photo: Willy Kaemena

Damascus Citadel July 7, 2007

American Pets on 4th July Parade
Wednesday, July 4, 2007

VR Photo by Andras Frenyo

Prague Marathon 2007
Sun, 13 May 2007 09:56

VR Photo Jeffrey Martin

NEW ORLEANS Jazz Festival

VR Photo © Andras Freyno

Andras Freyno has been in New Orleans for the 37th Jazz & Heritage Festival.

You can also visit created by Alicia Ault and Kay Christy, for a blog about the festival were you can also see the panoramas in Flash version.

AIDAdiva baptism in Hamburg

20. april 2007
More than 200.000 people visted the ship baptism of AIDAdiva.

VR Photo Bernd Dohrmann

The French Election

April 18
Nicolas Sarkozy speaks in Toulouse

VR Photo Gilles Vidal

Dubai Int'l Arabian Horse Championship 2007

April 14 

VR Photo by Rana Mahmood
Interactive Media, Dubai

The Niagara Arts Cultural Center

James Neiss, Staff Photographer at Niagara Gazette, has made a series of panoramic portraits from The Niagara Arts Cultural Center in Niagara Falls, NY.

Guantanamo Cell
A mock prison cell resembling David Hicks' living conditions at Guantanamo Bay began its Australia-wide public tour today in Sydney. SMH

VR Photo © Peter Murphy

Stop EPR Toulouse March 17

With 40.000 people in Rennes, 8.000 in Lyon, 5.000 in Toulouse, 5.000 in Strasbourg and 4.000 in Lille, they are on the whole 62.000 people who mobilized this Saturday March 17 against the project again nuclear engine EPR envisaged at Flamanville (France). VR Photo Gilles Vidal

US Sen John Edwards Campagne

Former Sen. John Edwards at Bennett College, Greensboro, NC
Edwards' children joined him to begin his '07 College Tour.

VR Photo © Tom Lassiter

Walk In Their Shoes
Hundred of shoes of all sizes representing the hundreds of thousand of Iraqi civilians, and thousands of US soldiers killed the past 4 years of the war. The shoes bear the tags of the name, age, and the place of death. This peaceful protest is organized on Saturday, Mar 17, 2007 by the CodePink's local Monterey chapter, a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement.

VR Photo © Val T. Hoang

Airbus fires 10000 people.

In Toulouse 10-15000 people, both politicians and workers, demonstrated against the plans to fire up to 10000 people from the Airbus factories throughout Europe.

VR Photo Gilles Vidal

Chinese New Year Parade in SF
Over 100 units participate in the Southwest Airlines Chinese New Year 2007 Parade. A San Francisco tradition since just after the Gold Rush, the parade continues to delight and entertain the many hundreds of thousands of people that come to watch it on the street

VR Photo © Val T. Hoang

Niagara Falls Prophet Isaiah Robertson

James Neiss, Staff Photographer at Niagara Gazette, NY has made a panorama story about the Carpenter, Artist & Prophet Isaiah Robertson

Queen Mary 2 and
Elisabeth 2 on visit in Sydney

Feb 20 2007

VR Photo © Peter Murphy

Hot Balloon Festival in Philippine

VR Photo ©

2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit

VR Photo © Mark Houston

Christmas in Prague

Flying above Old Town Square!
The Old Town Square is decked out and jam-packed again for christmas. The stalls are lining the square, selling chestnuts, roasted pastries, hot wine, christmas sausages, and of course some gifts and stuff.

VR Photo Jeffrey Martin

Etna Eruption

Etna is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Last eruption started on Nov 5. Michel du Chesne from Panoflex was trekking at Mt Etna on Nov 6 when he captured the lava stream.

VR Photo Panoflex

Support Meeting for Robert Redeker threatened to death for writing about the “the violence of Islam”

Robert Redeker has lived with police protection since September when he wrote an article, published in Le Figaro, about the threats from Islamic fundamentalism.

Wednesday Nov 15 he appeared at a meeting in Toulouse where many of the most well known French authors participated for his support.

He is seen in the panorama surrounded by Bernard-Henri Lévy, the writer Pascal Bruckner, the owner of Charlie Hebdo Philippe Val, the scenario writer Claude Lanzmann, the Mohamed journalist Sifaoui, the mayor of Toulouse Jean-Luc Moudenc.

Read his article

VR Photo Gilles Vidal

The Bosnian Pyramids in Visocica

Is this a real pyramid?

Some people believe so. Dean from Virtual Hawaii visited Bosnia and made some panoramas from the place.

VR Photo Dean Karamehmedovic


Europas most modern indoor-ski arena opened last month near Hamburg.
Here are some details / facts: indoorambit size is 23.000 m? , experience area 3.500 m? ,
2.000 m? for gastronomy ,  600 m? congress & incentive flat  and  350 m? for Nordic Sports.

VR Photo Bernd Dohrmann

A panoramic documentary by Mickael Therer
for MSF - Médecins Sans Frontières

Mickael Therer who last year made the documentary panoramas from Mali has been in Mozambique to document the struggle to defeat Aids. Read the interview with Mickael at VRMAG


The "Summer Letná" festival in Praque features the spectacular French event and theatre group Malabar

VR Photo Jeffrey Martin

with international participants from Slovenia, Italy, the Czech Republic and Serbia -  20th august 2006.

VR Photo Bostjan Burger

Aug 23 The Sandworld 2006 Event in Travemünde, Germany.

Facts: 9000 tons of sand, 10000 square meters and max high up to 12m
VR Photo Bernd Dohrmann

Aug 23 Anti Missile Protests

Protests against the possible construction of an anti-missile base, by the United States, in the Czech Republic.

VR Photo Jeffrey Martin

The Sziget 2006 Music Festival in Hungary has started.

Andras Frenyo has this year help by a full team of panorama photographers, Krisztina Imre (Hungary), Mickael Therer (Belgium) and Gilles Vidal (France) - who are covering the event.

Remember to have a look the panoramas from Budapest also

Protests against Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Palestine took place several places during the last weekend. Largest in Sydney and London but also smaller ones in Copenhagen, Stockholm, US, Switzerland, France and Poland.

VR Photo Peter Murphy

China Organ SaleVR Photo

VR Photo Jeffrey Martin

A few dozen participants of Falun Gong assembled in front of the Chinese Embassy in Prague to protest both the persecution in China of Falun Gong followers, and the organ harvesting which has been coordinated with the scheduled killings going on in China. The protestors sat for twenty four hours on the sidewalk in front of the Chinese Embassy on one of the hottest days so far this year in the Czech Republic.


Start of the Tour de France 2006 14th step Montélimar - Gap 16th of July 2006

VR Photo Guillaume Fulchiron

Étape July 11 - 13 Cyril Dessel, crosses the mythical top of the Pyrenees, Col du Tourmalet (2115m); at the end of the day

VR Photo Gilles Vidal

The Legendary band from USA, Pixies, played to a sardine-can-packed Akropolis, in Prague on their European tour

Princess Anne visits Sydney Harbour July 13

Princess Anne, is currently visiting Australia as part of a Pacific tour. Read More at Daily Telegraph

VR Photo Peter Murphy

Konzert für Europa 2006

Koncert in the park of Schönbrunn in Vienna

VR Photo Helmut Schierer

June 14 Flag day at Fort McHenry - Baltimore

VR Photo by Andras Frenyo

Read more about the flagday

June 10 Honfest in Baltimore

VR Photo by Andras Frenyo

Honfest is a unique Baltimore festival with food, fun and music for all! Read more

June 10 Fashion Week in Rio

VR Photo by AYRTON

In Rio there is a Fashion Week with shows from the best of Brazilian designers.


May 28 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2006, Dubai

VR Photo by Rana Mahmood
Interactive Media, Dubai


Kinetic sculpture race in Baltimore
VR Photo by Andras Frenyo

April 10
Solar Eclipse in Egypt VR Photo Bob Yen

Solar Eclipse in Turkey VR Photo Jacques JOFFRE

The total Eclipse on March 29 was captured by several VR Photographers

King of Spain Juan Carlos visits Toulouse

VR Photo Gilles Vidal

Gilles Vidal VR Photographer from Toulouse is presented in an article in with a panorama from the visit of king Juan Carlos of Spain

March 29
Flood in Czech Republic Sazava River
VR Photo by Jeffrey Martin

Links: Read BBC about it

March 26
Greek Independence Day in Baltimore

VR Photo by Andras Frenyo

March 7-23
The French are protesting. View Gilles Vidal's panoramas from Toulouse.

More from Toulouse March 27

VR Photo Gilles Vidal

ISSUE 27 is online
From this issue

As the European capital, the 1000-plus year old city of Brussels is home to the European Commission and the Council of Ministers of the European Union (EU).

It seems there’s a blog for everything under the sun these days, and food blogs are extremely popular, with many of them offering up photos of the blogger’s daily dishes.

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