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Times Square New York - The Ball drops

New Year at Times Square is probably the most well known New Year Celebration in the world.

The celebration has this year it's 100 year anniversary

It started in 1904 when the new headquarters of The New York Times was inagurated. The owner of NYT the German Jewish immigrant Alfred Och, wanted to celebrate this with a large party where nothing was spared. It ended with a large fireworks at midnight with people cheering and wishing Happy New Year.

The night was a large success and it instantly became a yearly tradition

2 years later fireworks within the city was banned and this lead to the introduction of the BALL which was lowered from the top of the building.

The Ball has been dropped every year since 1907 except for the war time dimouts in 1942 and 1943.

The Ball is actually a 400 pound iron ball with light bulbs mounted around i is hosted by: VRWAY
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