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2004 September week 35-39

39-2004 - Sept 21
Peace one Day - The United Nations international Day of Peace Sept 21

The UN General Assembly
QTVR © Tito Dupret

The United Nations General assembly decided on Sept 7 2001 that the 21st of September should be an international day of peace. The day was celebrated for the first time in 2002. This day is also the first day of the annual meeting, with speech of president Bush. Read BBC

One would believe that this day would be on the front page of all international media today. However the truth is that if you do not know about it, you will have difficulties to find anything at all.

CNN, not a word, New York Times, not a word,
my own Danish newspaper, not one word.

If I had not seen the incredible movie about how this day was created last night I would not have known anything about it.

Who created this day, the UN?

Yes they adopted it, but the man behind it is ONE man, a British actor and film maker Jeremy Gilley. The story about how his vision of a Day of Peace around the world was accepted by the UN General Assembly is a fantastic story of how he travelled around the word starting in 1998, visiting people of influence including the Dalai Lama and Shimon Perez until he finally got it accepted by the United Nations.

In an interview at BBC a week ago Jeremy Gilley says about the lack of media interest.

  • I was watching the news last night and seeing the aftermath of the killings in Russia, what's happening in Iraq, and the situation in Sudan. Each night we go home and watch 20 minutes of horror. I sat there and still had Nick's question in my mind. I wondered if the reason why they show us these things is so we can feel alright, we can feel lucky as we watch everybody else's suffering. Is it to make us think that our country is better than everyone else's? I can't get my head round why they show us bad news all the time.

The QTVR from the UN General Assembly is made by another man of visions. Tito Dupret who has made it his vision to document all the UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world, visit his site World Heritage Tour.

Peace one Day Jeremy Gilley's official site

UN International Day of Peace

38-2004 - Sept 13
Burning Man 2004
QTVR © Greg Downing

The Burning Man Festival 2004 was held a week ago in the Nevada desert.

This very special event which started with 8 people on a San Francisco beach in 1986, has grown to a gigantic art festival where hundreds of artists come and build art installations, sculptures, art cars, and make performances.

The burning of a wooden man has evolved into also burning a gigantic wooden construction called the Temple of Stars on the last night.

Greg Downing writes:

I got a good shot of the "Temple of Stars" right as they were opening it this year.
You can see David Best, the artist who designed the temple on the top level walking out to announce that the temple is open.
It was a really great installation, the design was quite a bit different from previous years and was a quarter mile wide.

More than 35.000 attended the burning of the man on Sunday Sept 6

Links: Burning Man

    37-2004 - Sept 11
    Tribute in Light to victims of 9/11
    QTVR © Jook Leung

    The panorama by Jook Leung from the Tribute in Light memorial was published by me as one of my first fullscreen features. A couple of months later Jook received the Fujifilm Masterpiece Award for this panorama.

    Last night Jook made a new panorama from this years anniversary.
    View both panoramas and if you have not seen the other featured panoramas by Jook you can also see them from the page.

    Also view the WTC Memorial page

    37-2004 - Sept 06
    Ferrari Racing Days at Nürburgring
    QTVR © Daniel Maurer

    Ever wanted a red Ferrari?

    The 7th anual Ferrari Racing Days on the famous german race track track "The Nürburgring" have been the place to be for for all Fans of the Scuderia on the last weekend. This image was made at the Paddock, where more that 1000 Ferraris and Maseratis propably made it to the most exclusive parking place worldwide on this weekend.

    37-2004 - Sept 06
    Elephants bathing in the Royal Chitwan National Park Nepal
    QTVR © Tito Dupret

    Tito Dupret on his world wide travelling documenting the UNESCO World Heritage sites has just finished and updated his site WHTour with all sites in India. View Tito at work in India

    Nepal will soon be online. The elephant panorama is a preview from the Royal Chitwan National Park.

    Right now he is in Shanghai, finishing stitching the 5 WH Sites in Eastern Canada..
    Next stop is South Korea then Tibet.

    Also a kind of Anti Bush event in NYC before the RNC - Sept 2, 2004
    QTVR © Jim Galvin

    There are many ways to protest against Bush.
    The Axis of Eve is a coalition of brazen women on a mission to EXPOSE and DEPOSE President Select George W. Bush...Read More at their website:

    Jim Galvin from New York made this.

    Visit his site about New York

    Marselisløbet - The Marselis Run
    QTVR © Hans Nyberg

    The Marselis Run is held every year in Aarhus at the first weekend of the Arhus Festival. With 13.500 participants it is one of the largest of it's kind in the world.

    The Marselis Run is for everyone. Athlets, men and woman, children and handicapped. Everyone can take part.

    This year the Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen and the Mayor of Aarhus Louise Gade was among the runners.

    Guan Di Feast at La Reunion
    QTVR © Romuald Vareuse

    The Guan Di feast is held in China and among Chinese around the world Every year, on the twenty fourth day of the sixth moon, the chinese community of Reunion island, and of the world, celebrate Guan Di birthday. This warrior of Han dynasty (II th century) was famous for his moral qualities : bravery, loyalty, goodness.

    More About Guan Di

    Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo
    QTVR © Ian Orgias

    The Tsukiji fishmarket in Tokyo is the largest in the world.

    More than 5,000,000 lbs ( $28,000,000 worth) of fish imported from 60 countries on every continent passes through daily.

    Read more and see more panoramas at Virtual Aichi

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