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2003 Sept week 35-40 presents some of the worlds best VR Photographers in a weekly fullscreen QTVR feature.

The fullscreen archive contains more than 150 fullscreens published since februar 2002.
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Week 40 - 2003

Sydney Australia Square or "Where is Mary Donaldson"

Cubic QTVR by Andrew Nemeth

Wednesday the Danish Royal family announced that Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark is going to marry the Australian Mary Donaldson.

Mary could very well be one of the girls you see in this magnificent Cubic panorama from Sydney by Andrew Nemeth.

Not long ago she was a real estate agent working right here in the centre of Sydney. Mary who is actually from Hobart in Tasmania met the Crown Prince at a bar called Slip In not far from this place, during the Olympics in 2000.

Andrew Nemeth is one of the veterans and superstars in the VR industry, known by everyone (at least I hope so) who is making VR professionally or as an amateur. He made VR within crowds of people long before all we others even knew how to stitch a Spheric / Cubic panorama. The Fullscreen from Manly Ferry in week 16 was made already in 1998.

At his website also make sure to follow the links on the Showcase page to the Wollongong University virtual tour. The QTVR are in full stereo sound a speciallity from Andrew.

Also view his NRL semi-final at Penrith Stadium with Sound

Royal Links:

The official Royal Website

Herald Sun: It's official: Prince Fred and our Mary 25 sep 03

Week 39 - 2003

Burning Man - Black Rock Desert, Nevada US

by Charles Evans

The BURNING MAN whats that.

To describe it very short it is an annual arts festival in the desert of Nevada. I am not going to use more place to describe this fantastic event here but I will advise you to read Michelle Bienias excellent articles about Burning Man and Charles Evans at VRMAG

where you can also see more both of his Burning Man panoramas

and his other work.

The fullscreen is from last years festival, Charles has only a couple of weeks ago arrived home to Seattle from this years event and some of his first panoramas from 2003 are already online at

Even if Charles has been specifically associated with his Burning Man panoramas this was not what caught my interest when I saw his panoramas the first time. His panoramas are beautifully composed and he has one of the most important skills when making panoramas, to be able to choose the exact point of view, something which is much more important and difficult for a panorama then a normal photo. His nature panoramas has been a great inspiration for me.

Charles was one of the first I featured in the Full Screen feature with his panorama from the San Francisco area, Lands End

Week 38 - 2003

The smart i-move a smart car with built in iPod

QTVR by Denis Gliksman

On Tuesday at Apple Expo in Paris smart will present a special edition of the smart city coupé called the i-move which has an Apple iPod integrated. is able to invite you to try it virtually already today monday. Put your self at the wheel of the smart and listen to original music specially made for the i-move.

Denis Gliksman also created the fullscreen from the Eiffel Tower one of the most seen Fullscreens at


smart | smart i-move | Apple

View the Tribute in Light and see the Pentagon Memorial

Week 37 - 2003

World Heritage in China - The Old City of Lijiang

by Tito Dupret World Heritage Tour

Tito Dupret from Brussels has the intention of photographing all the UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world in Virtual Panoramas. At his website World Heritage Tour you can now see around 250 QTVR movies covering China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, Vietnam and Egypt.

754 sites are inscribed on the World Heritage List and Tito has covered 52.

I heard about Tito 1 1/2 years ago right after I started and found his mission to be one of the best projects I have seen for the use of Quicktime VR.

The Old Town of Lijiang has been on the list since 1997 .

The UNESCO Committee says about it:

Lijiang is an exceptional ancient town set in a dramatic landscape which represents the harmonious fusion of different cultural traditions to produce an urban landscape of outstanding quality.


Interview in VRMAG with Tito Dupret

World Heritage List

World Heritage Directory at

Week 36 - 2003 Fullscreen of the Week

Festival in Aarhus Denmark - Ship Ahoy

by Hans Nyberg

This weekend Aarhus was visited by more than 50 wooden ships, Tall Ships and Marine ships of many nationalities.

The festival is held at the same time as the start of the Aarhus Festival which is the largest multicultural festival in Scandinavia.

After a bad start on Friday with heavy rain, Saturday became a large succes with lots of visitors and also large cues to some of the ships.

The ships in the panorama are from left:

The Endeavour a replica of the famous ship with which James Cook discovered Australia.
In the background you can see the polish Full-rigged Ship, Dar Mlodziezy, and to the right the Russian frigate Shtandart a true copy of the original built by Zar Peter the Great in 1704.

Several ships from the Danish Marine also participated, the one you see in the Panorama is the corvette Peter Tordenskiold


Aarhus Festival

Ship Ahoy


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