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2003 Oct-Nov week 41-48 presents some of the worlds best VR Photographers in a weekly fullscreen QTVR feature.

The fullscreen archive contains more than 150 fullscreens published since februar 2002.
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Week 48 - 2003
Fiesta Pilar and
Basílica del Pilar de Zaragoza Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar in Saragossa

2 Cubic QTVR
by Ignacio Ferrando
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If somebody had asked me a couple of days ago what the Festival of the Pillar was I would have looked at him and thought he was joking. Who wants to celebrate a pillar ? The trouth is that this pillar is one of the most important pillars in the Spanish history. In a way this pillar represents exactly the same as the Jelling Stone here in Denmark which I showed some weeks ago. See week 35.

To tell the story very short. The Birth of Christianity in Spain

which was as early as 44 AD, almost 1000 years before the Danish

king Harald built the first church in Denmark

I am not going to use a lot of space to tell the story here.

If you are Spanish you know it, if not read all about it on these pages:

The Virgin Mary or the Lady of the Pillar is celebrated October 12 in Zaragoza and the first fullscreen was made at that day.

This date is also the date when Columbus' first sighted America.

Pope Clement XII fixed the feast day.

The Basilica of the Pillar is a very large church and it contains also paintings by the famous painter Goya who lived in this area.

The Basilica is visited daily by thousands of pilgrims.

The fullscreen shows the part called La Santa Capilla.  

Basilica website in Spanish

Week 42-44 - 2003

Lots of work. No Fullscreen these weeks

Week 41 - 2003

La Grande Arche de La Défense - Night panorama

La Grande Arche de La Défense - Day panorama

Full Screen QuickTime VR Virtual Panorama 2 Cubic QTVR by
Laurent Thion

The monuments of Paris are among the most well known in the world. The Eiffel Tower, Sacré Coeur, Notre-Dame, Arc de Triomphe and as the latest The Grand Arche.

Designed by the Danish architect Otto van Spreckelsen in collaboration with the civil engineer Erik Reitzel

Apart from The Great Arch Spreckelsen is only known in Denmark for 4 churches. He died 1987, 2 years before the Arch was finished in 1989.
Very little mtrl is available about Spreckelsen but I have managed to find a Video about and with him at The Roland Collection

The entire film is 45 min and in Danish with English subtitles.

In RealMedia but unfortunately only works on Windows

At Laurent Thion you can find more Fullscreens from La Défense and around Paris.

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Grande Arche de La Défense

La Défense from

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