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2004 November week 45- 48

46-2004 - Nov 21 Special Report from Daniel Maurer Cologne
Muslim-German-Demonstration in Cologne
QTVR © Daniel Maurer

Daniel Maurer from Cologne:

  • In Cologne today the Turkish-Islamic union initiated a demonstration against the terror in the name of the islam and for a friendly living together of muslims and non-muslims.

    After the killing of the Dutch director van Gogh and the trouble which is going on right now in the Netherlands, I think this is the best sign the islamic organisations could come up with in Germany.

Jean Le Cam46-2004 - Nov 18
Jean Le Cam - Bonduelle - Vendée Globe
QTVR © Denis Gliksman

The Skipper: Jean Le Cam has since 20 years been one of the top sailors in the world. 44 years old married with 2 children lives in La Forêt Fouesnant, France.

He is for the first time participating in the famous around the world race Vendée Globe which started November 7. He is actually in the lead right now (Nov 18) well ahead of the next yacht the PRB with another French man Vincent Riou as the skipper.


The Boat: Bonduelle is a monohull designed by Marc Lombard
View a full virtual tour of the boat

The Name: Bonduelle is one of Europe's largest companies, for processed and fresh vegetables. They have been involved in Sail Sport as a sponsor since several years.

The Event: Vendée Globe is a race around the world single-handed with no stopovers allowed. This is the 5th time it is held. It was started in 1989 by Philippe Jeantot who wished to give a new dimension to the world of maritime adventure.

Like the 4 first races the participants set sail from Sables d'Olonne in France.

The Photographer: Denis Gliksman is the master of the panorama. He also happens to be a good friend of Jean Lecam.

To do a panorama like this from a boat sailing is an achivement which needs many years experience and Denis has it. He has been involved in VR Photography since Quicktime VR was introduced.

He is also the master of one of the most viewed fullscreens at the Eiffel Tower.

Website: la-grange-numerique

Vigil for Yasser Arafat at hospital in Paris

45-2004 - Nov 5 22.30 UTC Special Report from Paris
YASSER ARAFAT supporters at the Percy Hospital in Paris
QTVR © Laurent Thion

President Yasser Arafat is brain dead, US officials and CNN claimed yesterday.

BBC - Aljazeera and Palestinian and French offficials today say his condition is critical but definetly not brain dead.

Since the Palestinian president was taken to Paris last week supporters and international media have gathered outside the military hospital just outside Paris.

Laurent Thion made this panorama 5 hours ago at 17.30 UTC Nov 5 outside the hospital.

Links: CNN | BBC | Aljazeera

45-2004 - Nov 4
Election in Minnesota-Gov Tim Pawlenty QTVR © Edward Fink

After the polls were closed in Minnesota for the 2004 presidential
election race, volunteers, politicians and other party faithful gathered
to watch the votes be tallied and find out who had won. Here are
panoramas of the gatherings for the two main political parties, taken 3
- 4 hours after polls closed locally and before victory had been

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty (Republican) is interviewed by Twin
Cities' news stations for his reaction to the early returns in the
presidential elections as others watch FOX News waiting for victory to
be declared.

45-2004 - Nov 4
Election in Minnesota - Democratic Party
QTVR © Edward Fink
At the Minnesota DFL (Democratic Farmer Labor) party election night
gathering, the party faithful watch CNN election results.

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