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Full Screen QTVR weekly feature presented by Hans Nyberg


2004 June week 23-27 presents some of the worlds best VR Photographers in a weekly fullscreen QTVR feature.

The fullscreen archive contains more than 150 fullscreens published since februar 2002.
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27 - 2004
Churches of Vall de Boi
The Boi Valley, Pyrénées Spain

Santa Maria of Taull - Interior
Santa Maria of Taull - Exterior
QTVR by Óscar Adán

The churches of Vall de Boi contains some of the most important collections of Romanesque art in the world. The valley and it´s churches is a UNESCO protected World Heritage site.

Santa Maria de Taüll Church, built between the eleventh and twelfth centuries, is a typical example of Catalan Romanesque architectur

Read more about this Church

You can view 3 more QTVR by Óscar Adán from Vall de Boi here

Official Tourist site of Vall de Boi

Schätze der welt Vall de Bois (in German )

26 - 2004 - 2 QTVR

1. La Aljafería de Zaragoza

2. Aljafería - Salon del Trono

QTVR by Ignacio Ferrando Margelí Abaco Digital

The Aljafería Palace in Saragossa Spain was built as a summer residence for Abu Jafar al-Muqtadir who was the Muslim ruler of the area in the 11th century. Later it became the palace of the Kings of Aragon.

The first panorama shows the castle from outside. No 2 is from the "Salon del Trono" The Throne Hall which was a reception hall of the medieval kings


Aljafería Palace from ArchNet

25 - 2004
Anzac Day - Anzac March

QTVR Photo © Andrew Nemeth

The panorama (2.8 mb) is with high quality stereo sound. Please wait for it to load.

Anzac day - "The one day of the year" - has been held since the 1920s on April 25th to commemorate soldiers who served or died in Australia's wars.

The specific date was chosen to remember the landings at Gallipoli in 1915 - the first time Australian troops, as a federated national force, participated in a foreign war.

The panorama was made at the head of one of the Anzac Day marching battalions, at the corner of King and Elizabeth Streets at St James in Sydney.

External Links:

24 - 2004
D-Day Panoramas

60 years Anniversary

View panoramas from some of the historical places of the D-Day.
QTVR by Denis Gliksman, Philip Giles and Hans Nyberg

23 - 2004
Granhults Kyrka a Wooden Church in Småland Sweden

QTVR by Jonas Carlson

The church at Granhult is one of the best preserved wooden churches in Sweden.The original church is from around 1220.

Wooden churches are well known from Eastern Europe but they are all from 1500 or later. As far as I know only Sweden and Norway has preserved wooden churches from as old as 1200.

The church is built of timber and the length of the church room is only 10 meter probably because this was the longest available timber.

Most of the paintings are from the 1700.


Granhults Kyrka in Swedish

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