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2005 June-July week 22 - 30

2005 -July 28 - View Fullscreen QTVR
Totally Board - Taipei Snowboard event

Photo © Walker Young - Pro. ZONE Studio

Taipei Snowboard, Skate board and skiing competition

Last weekend July 22-23 the city of Taipei was the hoast for an event which was one of the biggest outdoor events in the history of Taiwan.

300 tons of snow and an international lineup of professional athletes in snowboard, skating and skiing with participants like the snowboard champions Jonas Emery and Simon Ax from Sweden, Marc André Tarte from Canada, Jukka Eratuli Finland, Arnaud Rougier France and Manuel Bernert from Austria.

The event which was sponsored by Nokia was held at the park of the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

More than 100,000 spectators was expected over the two-day event


The latest World Wide Panorama event is now online. 260 VR Photographers from 46 countries created their interpretation of the theme "water".

Many of the photographers did many panoramas, the Wolfgang See panorama was one of Bernhard Vogls versions - his real contribution is very different, you find it here

2005 -July 6 - View Fullscreen QTVR
Wolfgangsee - Hotel Weisses Rössl

Photo © Bernhard Vogl

75 years ago Ralph Benatzky wrote the music to the operetta "The White Horse Inn" It was performed for the first time November 1930 at the Schauspielhaus in Berlin. Since than it has been one of the most popular operettas in many countries.

The name is "Vita Hästen" in Sweden - "Sommer i Tyrol" in Denmark actually playing right now in one of the Copenhagen theatres.

The writers Oskar Blumenthal and Gustav Kadelburg wrote the romantic comedy already in 1896 during their stay at the White Horse Inn - der Weisses Rössl.

Wolfgangsee is a very popular Holyday area in Austria and the story about the White Horse Inn has played a part of this.

Hotel Weisses Rössl Austria

Another Live 8 Concert Berlin by Sven Anders
2005 -July 2 - View Fullscreen QTVR
Live 8 Concert in Philadelphia

Photo © Yischon Liaw

Live 8 Concert Philadelphia July 2
The Live8 concerts all over the world from Tokyo to Johannesburg became a large success with millions of people viewing it both live and on TV and Web casts.

In Philadelphia, Destiny's Child, Jay Z and Bon Jovi were among the performers.

Live 8 Official Site

CNN Live 8

BBC Live 8

2005 -June 22
U2 Vertigo Concert in Manchester
Photo © John Colebrook
If you missed the U2 concert in Manchester here is your chance to experience it.

The popular Irish band had to do another concert on June 15 after the first one the day before was sold out. This weekend they are home in Dublin to play at Croke Park on June 24 - 25.

U2 official site

U2 fan site

2005 -June 19 - View Fullscreen QTVR
River Boat Jazz Festival - Denmark

Photo © Hans Nyberg

The River Boat Jazz Festival is held every year in the beautiful town of Silkeborg in the middle of Jutland, Denmark.

It was an idea from the sixties by the local Jazz Club in Silkeborg which today has developed to one of the most popular music festivals in Denmark.

All kinds of Jazz is played in the concert halls, tents, in the streets, the church and perhaps most important on the old steam boats sailing on the lakes at Silkeborg.

New Orleans, Dixieland, swing, street parade, gospel, big band, jam session.

Jazz bands from all the world come to play at the festival.

The boat trips are very popular and you have to get your tickets in good time to be able to participate on one of them.

The steam damper Hjejlen in the panorama is the oldest steam damper in the world sailing with the original steam engine.

Links:River Boat Jazz Festival

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