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2003 Dec week 49-52 presents some of the worlds best VR Photographers in a weekly fullscreen QTVR feature.

The fullscreen archive contains more than 150 fullscreens published since februar 2002.
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Week 52- 2003


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Week 51 - 2003

White Christmas

by Hans Nyberg

In a Danish TV show today some childrens where asked about their whishes for christmas. One of them said snow.

He did not get it this year. The first snow came 2 days ago and covered most of Denmark but today Christmas Eve it is all gone.

Week 50 - 2003

Burning Man Festival 2003 Black Rock Rangers THE BACKS

by Charles Evans

THE FRONT, sorry you have to visit VRMAG next week to see it together with 14 more fullscreen panoramas from this years Burning Man.

All by Charles Evans who will tell you about the festival.

Issue 14 of VRMAG will also contain a collection of fullscreens from the fantastic area in Paris called La Défense by Laurent Thion. I published the first of them in week 41

And there is much more ....... Vatican Basilicas in Fullscreen ..... .....Technical articles etc

Week 49 - 2003

Misteri d'Elx or Festa d'Elx
with original music © Misteri d'Elx

Fullscreen QTVR by Jaime Brotóns

We stay in Spain for another week and visit the Basilica de Santa María for the celebration of the Mystery at Elx (Elche)

This famous festival is like last week's Fiesta Pilar a celebration of the Virgin Mary.

In Elche this is in the form of a Musical Drama which is performed

August 14-15.

According to the tradition it has taken place every year since the thirteenth century.

There are two acts. The Vespra is performed on 14th of August and La Festa which follows the next day. All roles are performed by local nonprofessional actors.

A description of the Festival in English

The Official page of Misteri d'Elx Only in Spanish

The official page has all the music. Listen to the Music

Jaime Brotóns is a photographer in Elche. He also made the Fullscreen in week 21.

Both panoramas were made with a Seitz Roundshot 28/220 scanning camera.

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