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2004 December week 49-52

52-2004 - Dec 24
Christmas Eve Messe in Ecuador
QTVR © Olivier Auverlau

Olivier a professional photographer in Ecuador, captured this panorama at Christmas Eve in the Iglesia de San Francisco, Quito.

The Flemish Franciscan Jodoco Rique, started the building of this church in 1536. It is said to be the first church built in America and is named after the patron saint of the city.

Link: Quito tourist guide

52-2004 - Dec 24
Thorsager Round Church
QTVR © Hans Nyberg

The Danish Television each year transmits the Christmas service from a church some where in Denmark.

In 2004 it is from Thorsager Rundkirke (round church) a church from the 1200 which is the only of it's kind in Jutland.

Thorsager Round Church is one of the 7 medieval Round Churches in Denmark
It belongs to a group of 3 churches called Absalon Round Churches, built by Bishop Absalon and his family. It is built around 4 pillars while the 4 round churches on the island Bornholm only have 1 central pillar.

The church built in the beginning of 1200 is situated in the centre of Djursland but in medieval time Thorsager was a village at the shore of a fiord which divided Djursland in a north and south part.
Saxo the famous Danish historian talks about viking sea battles at Thorsager.

It is believed that the church, built with it's thick walls on a hill at the village was a "Sanctuary" for people in the area and for the Danish king to hide his treasures.

The panorama was made last weekend and is also my submition to the last World Wide Panorama event this year.

The event was held for the 4 th time and the theme this time was "Sanctuary". The panoramas will be available to the public in a couple of weeks but if you have not seen the last 3 events please visit the WWP site.

Each of the 3 events has from 110 to 186 participants and most of the panoramas are available both as fullscreen and a smaller size.

51-2004 - Dec 15
Eiffel Tower on Ice
QTVR © Eric Rouger

Since Dec 10 visitors to the Eiffel Tower has got the opportunity to practice ice-skating right in the heart of the 324 m heigh tower.

The skating rink is 200 sq meter and is lodged betwen the steel legs at 57 m height.

It will be open until Januar 23.

Eric Rouger is a Paris photographer who maintains a wonderful web-site about Paris with panoramas, images and tons of facts and information.

50-2004 - Dec 07
Petronas Twin Towers Kuala Lumpur
QTVR © Willy Kaemena

With 452 m the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur were until October 2003 the highest buildings in the world. They were completed in 1998 and remained the tallest in the world until October 2003 when Taipei 101 in Taiwan took over with a height of 509m

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia

PETRONAS, is actually the Petroliam Nasional Berhad, Malaysia's national petroleum corporation which has it's main offices in the buildings.

They also contain a large shopping complex, called Suria KLCC.

The Petronas Twin Towers were designed by Cesar Pelli an architect originally from Argentina who immigrated to US in 1952. He has designed several large projects , the most well known is probably the World Financial Center in New York

Petronas Towers at

Willy Kaemena is working for a large multinational company and is currently stationed in Lissabon, but travels all over the world both for the company and privately.
Even if the panoramas is a hobby it has also been very useful in his work to document buildings and machines for his company.

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