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2005 August-September week 31 - 40

2005 - September 5 - View Fullscreen QTVR
Matterhorn from the Summit

Photo © Matthias Taugwalder Zermatt 360

The Climbing of Matterhorn
Matterhorn is with a height of 4478 meters one of the highest mountains in Europe.

Even if Matterhorn in the main season is climbed sometimes by 100 people a day it can be dangerous which was seen only a couple of weeks ago when an Australian climber died on the mountain.

Matthias Taugwalder is from a family of mountainguides who has assisted climbers for 150 years.

Peter Taugwalder his great great great grandfather, was the mountainguide who together with his son acompanied Edward Whymper at the first ascent on July 14 th, 1865. On the descent there was an accident where 4 of the 7 crew members died. Only Whymper and the two Taugwalders survived.

A couple of weeks ago Matthias Taugwalder and mountain guide Gianni Mazzone who also is a direct descendant of Peter Taugwalder, climbed Matterhorn.

During the climb Matthias made 360 degree panoramas which makes it possible for you to experince a virtual reality climb of Matterhorn for the first time.

To give you an extra experience the climb up to the summit which takes 4-5 hours was made during the night so that he could get a panorama during the sun rice.

2005 - August 23 - View Fullscreen QTVR
Ayers Rock Australia-Uluru

Photo © Paul Iliffe

Ayers Rock is also called Uluru which is the original name used by the Aboriginals.

The large red rock in central Australia has become the most well known landmark of Australia.

The rock is the largest monolith in the world. It rises 348 metres above the surrounding area and is almost 9km. around the base.

Some sites (even Wikipedia) claims that Augustus another rockformation in Australia is the largest, but Augustus is not a monolith, it is a monocline

To climb Uluru takes 2 hours along the 1.6 km track. The local community are against it as they consider the rock as being of important spiritual significance.

Many tourists however which to do it, but it is a steep climb which many has to give up.

Paul Iliffe is with his website World in Motion VR starting a tour around the world to do VR Photography from famous Landmarks and amazing places.

Take a look at his Timelaps panoramas.

A new and very interesting approach in VR Photography

Ayers Rock

Uluri - Kata Tjuta National Park

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