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2005 April week 12 - 16

2005 - April 22
Davos Weissfluhgipfel Switzerland

Photo © Peter Nyfeler

The roof of Davos / Switzerland
Parsenn is one of the most popular ski regions in Switzerland
The area can be reached directly from Davos which is known as one of the best ski resorts in Switzerland with hotels and apartments in all prices.

You are here at the top of Weissfluhgipfel, the highest mountain in the area (2844 meter over Sealevel) with a breathtaking view all around.

Here you can see still a lot of snow but in Davos itself spring has arrived. For more informations take a look at the main homepage of Davos

More panoramas from DAVOS by Peter Nyfeler

2005 - April 14
Star Wars Line up in Hollywood

Photo © Robert C. Fisher

Los Angeles April 9 2005

The new Star Wars movie "Episode III - Revenge of the Sith" is opening all over the world on May 19.

At the Imperial theatre in Copenhagen the fans have lined up for tickets on the street since March 15.

In Hollywood, at Grauman's Chinese Theater the line started April 2.
However there is a small problem.
The Star Wars Movie will not play at the Graumans's Theatre but at the ArcLight theater a mile away.

The hardcore fans say "We've heard all this before," and claim it is a false rumor.

At the Hollywood lineup website they say

  • We are definitely at the RIGHT theatre!
    We will remain waiting in line outside the Grauman's Chinese Theatre, in hopes that Episode 3 DOES play at the theatre, even if for one single showing only. You'd think that the fans that helped drive Star Wars to what it is today at least deserve that much for this last final episode in the Star Wars saga.

The story about the fans lining up at the wrong theatre is all over the world even at CNN, and BBC,

2005 - April 12
Monte Carlo from the Royal Palace

Photo © Giuseppe Pennisi - VRWAY

MONTE CARLO a view from the Royal Palace

This week on Friday, April 15 2005, Prince Rainier III, former Prince of Monaco, is buried in Cathedrale de Monaco at the side of his late wife Princess Grace (Grace Kelly) who tragically died in a car accident Sept. 14, 1982.

During his 56 years of regime Prince Rainier led Monaco into a modern state which is also a member of the United Nations.

The panorama is from the official residence of the Grimaldi family overlooking the city of Monte Carlo.

Monaco's royal palace has been around since the 13th century and its 15 rooms, including the Throne Room, are open to the public. In the south wing of the palace, the Musée des Souvenirs Napoléoniens has a collection of Napoleon's personal knickknacks, including one sock, a handkerchief and some medals, coins, uniforms and swords.

Monaco official website

The Prince's Palace of Monaco

2005 - April 05
In Memory of Martin Luther King

Photo © David Goldwasser

Commemorative ceremony on April 4th, 2005; the 37th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther. King Jr. at the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis Tennessee.

The building is now the home of the National Civil Rights Museum.

2005 - April 03
Mourning the Pope at St Peters Square
2 QTVR Photo © Toni Garbasso

Saint Peters Square on April 3

People mourns the death of the Pope

2005 - March 31
Sacre Coeur
Photo © Laurent Thion

Basilique du Sacré Coeur

When visiting Paris the Basilika of Sacré Coeur is a must to see. Situated on the hills of Montmartre overviewing Paris the view from it, is perhaps just as impressing as the inside.

Now you can for the first time visit the Basilika in a virtual tour with 10 fullscreen panoramas.
Laurent Thion was engaged by the French TV producer le Jour du Seigneur to make a visite virtuelle from the Sacre Coeur.

I have choosen to show the view from the alter where you can look up and see the mosaic in the ceiling, said to be one of the largest in the world.

As an extra bonus especially for you can see the view of Paris from the top.

To view the full tour visit the Virtual Tour of Sacre Coeur

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