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Naked Bike Ride London

The Naked Bikers in London June 14 2008
VR Photo © Peter Payne 

The World Naked Bike Rides event want to protest against oil dependency and celebrating the power and individuality of our bodies.

It started in 2004 and is this year a World Wide event in 20 countries and more than 70 cities.

Read more at:

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Blue Moon - Lima

Blue Moon, a restaurant in Lima - Peru claims to have the world's second biggest bottle collection (when it comes to limited editions of artistic bottles). 17.500 bottles in public view, and 5.000 bottles additionally stored away from public view.

And of course the buffet is superior.

VR Photo © Trausti Hraunfjord

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Tomb of Ramesses IV

in Valley of The Kings

VR Photo© David Firestone

The burial chamber with the sarcophagus painted with scenes from the Book of the Gates and the Amduat.

Dalai Lama

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Dalai Lama in Berlin

VR Photo© Michael Stoß

The Dalai Lama spent a few days in Germany and visited Berlin as his last stop on 19th may. 23.000 people came to the Brandenburg Gate to listen to him and to support the Tibetan struggle for autonomy.

The Dalai Lama once more denied any tendencies to demand complete independence from China. Several chinese groups were peacefully supporting the Chinese government and criticising the Dalai Lama.

Ljubljana Guinness World Record Quadrille dance
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Quadrille Dance Record

VR Photo© Bostjan Burger

About 27.000 dancers simultaneously danced Quadrille Dance on broadcasted music in 40 cities in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Macedonia on May 16th 2008.

The event in 2007 entered the six editions of the Guinness Book of Records as a world record breaking synchronous dance and this year was another World record pending to enter the seventh editon.

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Piazza San Marco Venezia St. Mark's Square Venice
VR Photo© Hans Nyberg
There are 120,000 pigeons in Venice which is twice the amount of people. They are a threat against the historic buildings and a rising danger to people by transferring parasites and bacteria.

Since 1997 feeding them has been a crime and is punished with a fine of 500 euros. Except in St. Marc's square where 18 licensed sellers of birdseed are permitted.
But this is now history. From May 1 2008 it's over. Feeding the birds is now banned also on St Mark's

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VR Photo© Eirik H. Urke
The Oslo Opera House is designed by the renowned architecture firm Snøhetta the company which also designed the new Bibliotheca Alexandrina.
The Opera House is said to be the largest cultural building in Norway sice the Nidarosdome.

On April 12 it was officially inaugurated with a large celebration with fireworks and a Royal Gala Performance with participation from alll the Scandinavian Royalties.

Eirik Urke is a manager at one of Norways largest web portals besides doing press photography for the Norwegian news paper Dagbladet

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Tower Bridge from Queen's Walk
VR Photo© Will Pearson
Will Pearson is a London based VR Photographer with more than 10 years experience in Virtual Panoramas. Among his clients are Sony - Siemens - Imperial College London - Aston Villa Football Club - Middlesex University - Ogilvy

The Tower Bridge over the River Thames is here seen from the Queen's Walk. The Queen's walk is a promenade on the south bank of Thames. Along the promenade you find several of the new London tourist sites like the London Eye and the Tate GalleryVR

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Death Valley VR Photo© Will Pearson

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February 24 2008

At the red carpet is french actress Marion Cotillard who became the winner of an Oscar for best leading role for her performance as Edith Piaf in “La Vie En Rose”

VRPhoto© Eugene
Eugene Garcia is a news photographer at the Orange County news paper orange county register.

Read ocregister full OSCARS story here

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Queen Victoria in Sydney

The Queen Victoria ocean liner began her maiden visit to Sydney on Saturday February 23.

Queen Victoria was launched only 2 months ago. The ship measures 294m in length, and weighs 90,000 tonnes,with place for 2000 guests and a 1000 crew.

VR Photo @ Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy was the first VR Photographer featured in the Fullscreen of the Weekat when I started it exactly 6 years ago. The panorama was like now a ship
Matthew Flinders Circumnavigation

Cafes and Bistros in Brittany Bretagne on the Atlantic coast of western France is with it's dramatic coastal landscapes, its special culture and Celtic influence, an area I always wanted to visit.

Viewing Stephane Mahe's panoramas from the region made me even more interested in visiting Brittany.
View 4 of his panoramas from Cafes and Bistros

VR Photo © Stephane Mahe

CARNIVAL IN RIO DE JANEIRO > view 360 panoramas

VR Photographer AYRTON in Rio de Janeiro is again this year taking panoramas from the famous Rio Carnival. Together with DUDU TRESCA from Sao Paulo they produce panoramas from the Canival in Rio and Sao Paulo for the largest online News Media in Brazil


New Year 2008

New Year in Sydney, Rio, London, Zermatt, and much more

5 Years at Times Square 2003-07
Jook Leung's panoramas from New Year at Times Square .

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