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Kraków Military Cemetery at All Saints Day

VR Photo © Szymon "Zbooy" Madej

Nov 1, All Saints day has been celebrated especially in the catholic countries for centuries.

In Poland it is also called the day of the dead and the cemeteries are decorated with candles, colorful lights and flowers.

It is also Memorial Day for those who died in WWI and WW II.

The panorama is from the Krakow Rakowicki Cemetery where almost 500 Polish, British and Russian soldiers from WWII are buried.

Visit Szymon´s Panorama blog to see more panoramas from All Saints Day in Krakow and other panoramas from all Poland.

Peter Struycken Artworks

VR Photo © Carel Struycken

Yesterday Sept. 22 The Groninger Museum in Netherlands opened an exhibition called DIGITAL PARADISE featuring the Dutch artist Peter Struycken.

Peter Struycken born 1939, has been using the computer to design his works since 1968 and he has done more than a hundred assignments in public places and for companies like the thousands of colored spheres in Aegon’s head office in The Hague which is shown in the panorama.

He is also known for the the postage stamp with a portrait of Queen Beatrix in dots, a digital portrait created in the early days of Computer Technology 1983-1984. Read more

The exhibition in Groningen also features spherical panoramas from some of Peter Struycken's monumental works.

They are made by his brother Carel Struycken, VR Photographer from Los Angeles who is also known as the actor Carel Struycken, alias Lurch in the Addams family and many other roles from 30 years in Hollywood.

See more panoramas by Carel Struycken at

Groningen Museum website

Tribute in Light 2002-2007

VR Photo © Jook Leung

To honor the citizens who lost their lifes in the World Trade Center attacks, the "Tribute in Light" memorial was first shown in March - April 2002. Jook Leung has made panoramas from the event each year.

In the panorama from 2007 Lauren Belanger and Zack Zanolli of Fisher Marantz Stone speak to other members of the lighting team via radio to align the 88 Space Cannon beams for the 2007 Tribute in Light.

The Hall of Mirrors
Galerie des glaces Chateau Versailles

VR Photo © Laurent Thion

Chateau Versailles was the residence of King Louis XIV

It is today one of the most visited French tourist attractions with more than 2,5 million tourists visiting the castle every year.

Since 1995, Versailles has been administered by a public institute (Etablissement Public du Musée et du Domaine National de Versailles) with around 800 people enployed.

The hall of mirrors was opened again on 27 june 2007 after 3 years of restauration.

The "Galerie des glaces" panoramas was created in collaboration with a part of multimedia company specializing in tourist audio guides using Apple iPod

The New 7 Wonders

The New 7 Wonders of the World were announced at a ceremony in Lisbon, Portugal on Saturday, July 7, 2007 - 07.07.07

view them all in 360 degree interactive panoramas from internationally known panorama photographers

The Banyan Tree

VR Photo © Rolf Ris

A Banyan tree is a fig which has the ability to spread out laterally from the original by using aerial prop roots.

Old trees can cover a very large area. The largest are found in Kolkata in India.

The tree at Fort Myers Florida was planted by Thomas Alva Edison in 1925. It covers 400 feet and is the third largest in the world.

It is also known from the story of Robinson Crusoe, who in the novel by Daniel Defoe builds his home in a Banyan tree.

Wikipedia Banyan Tree

Karnak Temple Egypt

VR Photo © Andrey Ilyin

The temple area of Karnak is said to be the largest ancient religious site in the world, and is probably the second most visited historical site in Egypt, only the Giza Pyramids near Cairo has more visitors.

Andrey Ilyin is a Moscow based photographer specializing in the creation of high-quality spherical panoramas for multimedia, educational, cultural, or business projects.
View more panoramas from Egypt at his site

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