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Virginia Tech Victims remembering ceremony

VR Photo
© Alan Kim | The Roanoke Times

Alan Kim is a staff photographer with The Roanoke Times.

He was one of the first photographers in place at Virginia Tech at the School shootings on April 16.

His images from the event has gone all around the world.

Classes resumed at Virginia Tech on Monday April 23, one week after shootings left 32 students and professors dead.

A ceremony on the Drillfield included a ringing bell for every victim and a release of white balloons.

Songkran Festival Thailand

VR Photo © Vasin Srivarathanabul

Songkran Festival is the new year in Thailand. This year it was the 12-15th of April.

Part of it is religious, but there is also a fun part where people are playing with water a symbol for cleansing and functions to cool off the heat. There is a lot of story behind its origin. What we see today is the more adapted part of the ritual, people splashing water to each other. During 12-15th of april all of Thailand becomes a water park where strangers splash water to each other for fun.

Danish Church Murals

3 VR from the church of Elmelunde, Marie Magdalene and Sulsted

Denmark probably has the largest amount of medieval wall paintings in Europe. In Danish they are called Kalkmalerier = Chalk paintings, as they are painted on a layer of limewash.

Denmark has about 1700 preserved medieval churches. Most of them has probably been decorated with wall paintings. Today we have about 600 churches with visible paintings and there are probably many undiscovered paintings behind the many layers of limewash which was used during the 18th and 19th centuries to cover the paintings.

VR Photo © Hans Nyberg

Sydney Harbour Bridge from top
Sydney Harbour Bridge 75 year anniversary

March 18 - 2007 - was the 75th anniversary of the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The bridge was closed for cars for a public walk.

Around 200,000 people walked over the bridge to celebrate the day

ABC News

VR Photo © Peter Murphy

Lugano from Monte San Salvatore

VR Photo © Hans Nyberg

Lugano is situated in the south east area of Switzerland called Ticino

The view at the summit of Mount San Salvatore is reached by a cable-car.

Lugano with it's more than 70 hotels is the perfect place for a vacation where you can combine excursions to other parts of Switzerland with day tours to Venice or Milan which is reached within a couple of hours by car.

For more panoramas from Lugano visit Lugano Arounder

Link:Mount San Salvatore



Camel Carts-Bikaner India

VR Photo © Roger Barry

Roger Berry has a passion for Camels and his website has information, images and stories about Camels from all over the world. He just got back from India where he visited the famous Pushkar Camel Fair in Rajasthan.

The panorama shown here is from Bikaner, another town in Rajasthan, India.
During the night hundreds of camel carts arrive at the scale house in Bikaner loaded with huge bags of grass, which is used for animal feed, others are piled with wood for cooking fuel.
They wait here to sell their loads in the morning; it is weighed on a large scale like the one you see in this panorama and then delivered to the buyer somewhere in town or a nearby village.

Gulf Cup Football Tournament

Photo © Mahmood Rashid-Interactive Media, Dubai

My special PANORAMANEWS page features this week among others a panorama from the opening match in Abu Dhabi of the 18th Gulf Cup Football Tournament.

Remember that this page sometimes may be updated with new panoramas daily, also with links to other sites who publishes documentary and news related panoramas.

APOLLO 11-17

In 2004 I published interactive panoramas from the Apollo 11 and 17 The first and the last man on the moon.

The page is now updated with panoramas from all the 6 moon landings.

They are made from the new high resolution scans provided by Kipp Teague at the Apollo Image Gallery

All panoramas now also have a sound-clip which matches the panorama. This has been possible because of Eric Jones Apollo Lunar Surface Journal where every image taken on the moon is linked to the transcripts from the authentic conversation with Houston which also includes audio and video.

On each of the panoramas you can scroll down and get detailed information about the images used (thanks to Eric Jones who let me use these abstracts)
Note that the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal is a private initiative by Eric Jones

Maybe all these stupid moon hoax conspiracy theory believers should take a look at these and than use their brain a little.

Do you really believe that these data would be freely available for private research if it all was fake.

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