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Report from photokina 2006

Sept. 25 - Oct 1

For all photographers photokina every second year is the place to go for the latest news in photography.

I will be there together with several other VR Photographers at the IVRPA Booth in hall 5.1

Sept 26 2006
Château de Chenonceau France

VR Photo © Laurent Thion

Laurent Thion VR Photographer from Paris has during the last months been documenting the castle of Chenonceau a castle from 1513 built on the river Cher in Val de Loire.

The castle is open for public and it has been made large efforts to give the visitors the best experience. In 2004 they were the first to introduce iPods as audio guides.

However the only way you can experience the view above and some other views from the roof of the castle is by Laurent's panoramas. Make sure you continue from the fullscreen to the full Virtual tour and see the other panoramas.

Official Site: Château de Chenonceau

The Virtual Tour was produced together with Briq director)

Sept 18 2006
Cadgwith Village
and Kynance Beach

Vr Photo © Steve Pendleton

2 panoramas from Cornwall England by Steve Pendleton

Cornwall is the most southern part of England and the Lizard is the most southern point.

At the east coast of the Lizard you find the small village Cadgwith where you still find a few fishingboats pulled up on the beach by wire ropes and a winch.

The village is also known for the Film Ladies in Lavender from 2004 directed by Charles Dance.

The coastline is dramatic with cliffs at most of the coastline but at Kynance beach you can also find a perfect white-sand beach hidden between the cliffs.

Links: The Lizard Info

Sept 6 2006
Potsdamer Platz in Berlin

Vr Photo © Giuseppi Pennisi VRWay

Potsdamer platz was during the 20th and 30th one of the most busiest squares in Europe.

During the war the square was totally destroyed and after the war it became a no-man's land located between the American, British and Russian sectors,

In 1961 it was completelly pulled down at the construction of the Berlin Wall.

After the fall of the wall it became the largest building site in Europe and today this large plaza attracts about 70,000 visitors a day.

View more at Arounder Berlin

Aug 23 2006
Mt St. Helens Volcano in Washington US

VR Photo © Dan Taylor

The eruption of St Helens in 1980 was the most destructive volcanic eruption in the history of the United States.

The volcano had been silent for 140 years when it suddenly on May 18 1980 exploded in an eruption which was measured 5 on the Volcanic Explosivity Index scale.

Since 2004 it has again been active and climbing the summit has not been available.

It was opened recently in July 2006 and Dan Taylor from was able to do this panorama.

A panorama from the same spot made in 2003 is also available

July 23 2006
The Gas Tank Museum

VR Photo © Robert Harshman

Not many years ago America had hundreds of oil & gasoline companies. Today only a few of them has survived.

This small museum with gas pumps and signs from the old days is situated just south of Tao's in New Mexico

Robert Harshman is a commercial photographer from Chicago specializing in architectural and location VR, Panoramic's and Stills. Product and object photography are also an important part of his business

2006 July 15
A Hindu Cremation in Bali

VR Photo © Bert Vierstra

Bert Viestra is a Dutch VR photographer and Webdesigner living in Bali.

His panorama website is one of the most interesting new VR Photosites on the web showing Bali culture and life from inside in a way you never will experience as a tourist.

The cremation ceremony shown here is one of 3 VRs showing a simple, cremation on Sanur Beach. The cremation ceremony is a very important part of the Hindu culture and can for the rich be a very spectacular event.

2006 July 3
Lex Luthor's Yacht

VR Photo © Andrew Nemeth

Last week was the premiere of the new Superman movie.

The movie with Brandon Routh as Superman and featuring Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor, was filmed at different locations in Australia.

Around 80 different sets was built many of them in full size making it possible to do full 360 degree pans around.

Andrew Nemeth well known VR photographer from Australia was engaged by Warner Bros to create 360 degree panoramas from some of the sets.

Lex Luthor's Yacht was built at Fox Studios in Sydney.

At Andrew's website you can also see the Daily Planet building.

Superman Website

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