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THE FULL SCREEN ARCHIVE 2006 January - March

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2006 - Marts 5
Carnivals View Fullscreen QTVR

February- Marts is Carnival time. Welcome to a collection of INTERACTIVE FULLSCREEN 360 DEGREE QTVR PANORAMAS FROM THE LARGEST CARNIVALS. Rio - Sao Paulo - Sydney - Cologne - Binche · Mohács

2006 - February 18
Ice Palace in St.Petersburg

QTVR by Jacek Gancarson

Ice Palace building event in St. Petersburg February 2006

Ice art has along tradition in Russia.

This Ice Palace which is a replica of an original Ice Palace from 1740 was built by a team of 14 ice masters led by famous ice-sculptor from St. Petersburg, Valerij Gromov (

View more panoramas from the Palace at

2006 - February 18
Gondola Tour in Venice

QTVR by Hans Nyberg

A Gondola Tour is a must when you visit Venice. Do it virtually together with 2 beautiful girls. There are 8 panoramas in the full tour.

The tour was made last summer for VRWay Arounder Venice where you can visit some of the most famous places in Venice by interactive panoramas.

2006 - February 11
Winter in Europe

View panoramas from St Petersburg - Moscow - Poland - Davos - Zermatt - Berlin Milano

2006 - January 18
Machu Picchu

QTVR by Immersion

Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains is one of the worlds most renown ancient cities.

Nicolas and Aurélien are 2 young French men who decided to travel around the world. At their site Immersion they are now publishing images and panoramas from the trip.

Machu Picchu, which was 1 of the places they visited was built more than 500 years ago, and is Peru's most famous tourist attraction and also a U.N. World Heritage site. The place attracts more than 500,000 foreign visitors a year and a large tourist industry with hotels and travel agencies has grown around it.

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