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Blue Mountains Australia

The Blue Mountains region is an area close to Sydney in New South Wales Australia. Less than an hours drive from Sydney it is a very popular recreation area which attracts many tourists.

The Tree Sisters is one of several well known natural attractions in the area and is visited by hundreds of tourists every day.

The Three Sisters is a unique sandstone rock formation at Echo Point, near the township of Katoomba.

The name it has is from an Aboriginal legend about 3 sisters who fell in love with 3 brothers from another tribe which they were not allowed to marry. This caused a tribal battle. To make the story short, to protect the 3 sisters they were turned into stone by a whitchdoctor. It was supposed to be temporary but the whitchdoctor died and no one could reverse the spell.

The population of the Blue Mountains is around 73.000 and one of them is Andrew Nemeth, the photographer who was one of the first to do VR Photography in a unique creative way.

Search for several of his panoramas as fullscreen or visit his new redesigned site

Together with David Brazil, he has made a site about the Blue Mountains with info and high resolution panoramas with sound.


Panorama © Andrew Nemeth

Visit the BMVIRTUAL site with more panoramas from the Blue Mountains.

The site is a self-funded and independent collaboration between Andrew Nemeth [] and David Brazil [], both long-term "Mountains" residents.