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3 years has gone since I presented the first Fullscreen Panorama feature.
At anniversaries you usually look back and talk about the successes in the past period.

The successes I had with the Everest, the Apollo Missions, Jook Leung's New Years panoramas etc. has and continues to get hundreds of hits each day, but there are many more amazing panoramas in the archive.

The ones below are just some of the panoramas which has not got the attention I believe they deserve.

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View Fullscreen QTVR - NOVA Krizna Jama Photographer © Bostjan Burger

The Slovenian Caves are famous and many of them are large tourist attractions.

However there are parts of the caves which only a few humans have visited. The Nova Krizna Jama was discovered only a few years ago and only a few scientist have entered it. The entrance to the cave is through a tunnel only 30-40 cm in circumference. The tunnel leads down to the cave 50 metres below.

Bostjan Burger had to take all equipment; halogen lights, tripods, plastic boats etc. down that way.

Enjoy this fantastic sceneries from the cave and remember that thanks to Bostjan Burger you are privileged to see something very few people will get permission to see in real live.

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View Fullscreen QTVR - Mars Spirit Rover from above the surface of Mars
NASA image from the navigaton camera.
Converted to a Spherical panorama by Hans Nyberg.

In January 2004 I published a panorama from the first high resolution image NASA got back from the Spirit Mission. It was published a few hours after NASA had the original panorama online and with a few links at some of the largest weblogs it was soon all over the internet at link sites and weblogs.

It got more than 500.000 hits the first months.

A couple of days after the first panorama I published this one which was made from a navigation camera with a fish eye. It has never got much attention. This is a Cubic panorama you will not find anywhere else.

Even if it is BW I find this image much more Interesting. It gives you a feeling of actually floating above the Rover and being able to look around in all directions while the high resolution color panorama has a limited field of view.

more like this, search for NASA

View Fullscreen QTVR - The Tulamben Wreck Photographer © Mal Yeo

This underwater panorama was actually one of the first large successes. However it was back in 2002 and I believe it deserves some attention again. Mal Yeo used a Nikon 35 mm and a 16mm fish eye to take this panorama. It was made handheld and stitched with Panotools.

more like this, Nelson Bay, Halifax Park Australia - underwater panorama

View Fullscreen QTVR - Taj Mahal Photographer © William Donelsen Armchair Travel

The Taj Mahal panorama is from the Taj Mahal Virtual Tour produced by Armchair Travel.

The site was featured by me in Januar 2002 in the series of website features I did before the fullscreen panorama feature. It used to be a pay site but recently this was changed and you can now access all panoramas and movies for free.

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View Fullscreen QTVR - Sydney Opera House from the Manly Ferry
Photographer © Andrew Nemeth

Andrew Nemeth is one of the veterans in QuickTime VR. He was probably the first to create high resolution panoramas based on full frame fisheye images stitched with Panotools. The panorama from the Manly Ferry was made already in 1998 and is from a large series about Sydney.

Andrew is also specialist in sound recordings and he uses high quality stereo environmental sound.

You can see a couple of other panoramas by him in the archive:
Australia Square Sydney
Anzac Day - Anzac March

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View Fullscreen QTVR - Clayton Bailey in his Studio Photographer © Jim Spadaccini Ideum

The artist Clayton Bailey lives in Port Costa, California, USA. Formerly professor of art at Wisconsin State University, and now professor emeritus of ceramics at California State University.

His work has been shown at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, the San Francisco Art Institute, and a lot of Galleries across USA.

And Bill Gates has a Clayton Bailey robot.

He has become known as the Robotics sculptor and has since 1976 built over 100 life-sized robot sculptures all made from found objects. Among them is the Marilyn Monrobot , which I believe you will see in the panorama, (or perhaps it is her sister) The sculpture made a scandal in 1997 and was thrown out of the exhibition when it was exhibited in a show at the Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California, Berkeley. The event was reported in newspapers ranging from the National Enquirer to the Los Angeles Times.
According to Los Angeles Times art critic William Wilson, the statue was "estimably tasteless," however other critics found her to be humorous and sensual.
Clayton Bailey calls her "the world's most beautiful female robot.

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View Fullscreen QTVR - The Top of Denmark - Grenen Skagen Photographer © Hans Nyberg

The Top of Denmark is visited by 1.000.000 tourists each year.

What is it that makes 1.000.000 people visit this northern point of Denmark?.

I hope I can give you just a small feeling of the reason why people finds the place worth visiting.

It was here at the small fishing village Skagen, the famous Danish painters Ancher, P.S. Krøyer and our national poet Holger Drachman lived. It started in the middle of the l9th century and is called the Danish Golden Age. The light at this place is beautiful and that was one of the things that attracted the artists.

Many of the famous paintings like this one by Krøyer shows people on the beaches around Skagen.

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Go hunting for your favorites in the archive, everything is indexed by Google for easy searching through the search box and on the main archive page you have all panoramas directly accessible from the popup menus.

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