Tulamben wreck Bali
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Diving on Bali

Bali the noted tourist destination has many wonders above and below the water's surface.

This is the wreck of the Liberty that was sunk by the submarine I-166 on January 11th 1942. The Liberty was originally built as a steam turbine powered ship in 1918, she was 395 feet long (120m) and grossed 6211 tons. Under tow she was beached at Tulamben in North-Eastern Bali where she stayed till the 1963 eruption of Gunung Agung, this dislodged her from her resting place and the Liberty sank just off the beach.

Here only 40 meters out from the beach she's a haven for holidaying divers with a depth range from just below the surface down to 30 meters. There is a the great variety of fish and invertebrate life around the wreck and the Tulamben area ranging from tiny exotic micro creatures through to large mola because of this the locality attracts a large number of day tripper diving groups to it's calm waters to see.

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QTVR Photo © 2002
Mal Yeo mal_yeo@yahoo.com.au

Underwater panoramas is a special type of panoramas which you will find very few examples of on the net.

The panorama this week is not just a panoramic image.
I guess this is the first Spherical underwater QTVR published on the net. I would not be surprised if it is the first ever made.

The photographer Mal Yeo is from Sydney Australia and underwater photography is like diving his hobby.

For those interested in the technology he used a Nikon F4 and a 16mm full frame fish eye. The underwater house was a Subal F4 Procase with an FE

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