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Independence Day Fourth of July at Rebild Bakker in Denmark

Yes we do celebrate the Independence Day in Denmark.
Actually this year we had a 90 year anniversary of the celebrations at Rebild Bakker which is situated in the north of Jutland.

The celebrations at Rebild is the largest outside USA.
The founder was a Danish-American Max Henius who emigrated to USA in 1881 and settled in Chicago. He never forgot Denmark and he donated the Hills at Rebild to be used as a place for Danish American relations.

During this 90 years the celebrations have been attended by many known Americans including former presidents.
Raymon Burr, Richard Nixon, Hubert H Humphrey, Danny Kaye, Walther Cronkite, Victor Borge, Walter Shirra, Walt Disney are a few of the keynote speakers from the last 40 years.

Today10-15.000 people where gathered to celebrate the day together with Margrethe II - Queen of Denmark, Prince Henrik, the Primeminister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Mr R. Michael Mondavi from California who was the american main speaker and many other representants from USA and Denmark.

A special guest was firefighter Joe McKay from New York. Click for an image of the Queen of Denmark with Joe McKay in the front talking to the compére.

Unfortunately the weather was not with us this year. At the middle of the celebrations heavy rain made many people leave the place before the celebrations was over.

Hans Nyberg

President Bush's Rebild Message

Ambassador Stuart Bernstein's Remarks at Rebild

Rebild Celebrations from Aalborg Tourist
All the keynote speakers from 1928 to 2002

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