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May 27 2009

On Monday 25 - Memorial Day, New York opened the first car free pedestrian walk on Broadway at Times Square. The first panorama is the view from the Duffy Square red glass amphitheater-style staircase, another new development in Times Square which opened only 6 months ago.

The panoramas were made Sunday when people got a "preview" and there is still traffic in one side which has not been closed.

The plan put at work by the New York city transportation commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan, is partly inspired by the Danish "Strøget" in Copenhagen, whose medieval streets and plazas have been closed for cars since decades.

Working together with Sadik-Khan is Danish architect Jan Gehl, who has been one of the developers of the Copenhagen current car free zone.

Also view Strøget Copenhagen

In Denmark and Sweden pedestrian streets are common since the 60s. The worlds first pedestrian street Strøget in Copenhagen opened in 1962.

Today every city in Denmark small or large has a car free zone in the central areas.


New York Times- Times Square Plan,s Challenge


Jook Leung is internationally recognized as an innovator in spherical panoramic photography. He specializes in creating unique and exceptional 360 degree panoramas. A mini portfolio of his artistry with spherical panoramas can be seen on the Adobe Photographers Web site.

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